Advocate for change in the rise of stop-arm violations

With the rise in stop-arm violations, more states are demanding change. For states that have not yet passed stop-arm camera legislation, you can still make a difference by signing up to our advocacy newsletter, where you will have full access to our comprehensive Legislative Toolkit. 


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This comprehensive package features a stop-arm enforcement program that uses automated stop-arm cameras, which require state-approved legislation. With that in mind, this package is currently available in the following states and provinces.

United States
New York
North Carolina




Don't see your area? Don’t worry.

More states are rapidly responding to the rise in stop-arm violations. Even if your state or area isn’t listed above, you may still be able to participate now or in the near future. Complete the form below, we’ll notify you when this offer is available in your area.


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Is the state-approved legislation unavailable in your state? Sign up to our Advocacy Newsletter and receive access to a Legislative Tool Kit.

What you get in the Legislative Toolkit

  • FAQ Manual outlining all aspects of BusPatrol's safety program including the current legislative status
  • Linkedin Group for School Transportation Officials to communicate with BusPatrol on how they can support active lobbying campaigns to allow stop-arm safety programs to operate in their communities.
  • Sample letters of support
  • Pilot program information and applications